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We rent out high-quality vehicles with professional drivers in Stockholm. The bus rental is perfect for any event that requires a larger transportation and the driver ensures you get to your destination on time while being careful of your passengers. Our buses and mini-buses can seat up to 48 passengers. We also offer vans that can transport up to 14 passengers at one time. You can rent a vehicle for hours or days depending on the length of your trip, or you could find a set cost for monthly use.

Why hire a bus or mini-bus in Stockholm?

We are the largest bus rental company in Stockholm as we have been in operation for a long time We bring you large, comfortable buses and minibuses for rent to transport people to any location throughout the city. Our fleet includes large buses with high-quality seats, so that you make a good impression of your business, both on the road and when you are on your way from A to B. Here are the top reasons why you should rent a bus:

1. High-Quality Vehicles

We have an excellent fleet of high-quality vehicles that are in good condition, so you always arrive at your destination in comfort. Our buses and mini-buses are driven by professional drivers who know the city well and always get you to your destination on time. If you’re renting for a few hours, or a few days, we can meet all of your transportation needs. Our mini-buses and large buses can be chartered for multiple days or even weeks.

2. Safe Driving With Professional Drivers

The most important aspect of our business is that you arrive at your destination on time and in great condition. To ensure this happens, we have professional drivers who know the city well and drive carefully, which means you don’t need to worry about getting into an accident or needing a ticket for speeding. The drivers bring up to 14 passengers safely from one place to another throughout the city.

3. Fast Transfers and Your Chauffeur

The easiest way to get from point A to point B is often a taxi, but if you’re traveling with a group, then you may find that it’s cheaper if you rent a mini-bus or large bus. Our professional drivers will pick you up at the exact location where you want to be picked up and drop you off right at your destination with ease. Our drivers will take you to any location throughout the city and get you there on time.

4. Fares and Payments

We have a variety of payment options so you don’t need to worry about making the right payment. The best thing is that this includes all of our vehicles: small buses, mini-buses, and large buses. We also offer monthly payments for those who are renting for a few days or in groups. You can pay with your credit card or cash if you prefer to do it that way.

5. Partial Payments or Renting for a Few Days

If you just need to rent a bus or mini-bus for a few hours or days, we can get you the vehicle that fits your needs. We have numerous options to choose from, and they’re all perfect for an event, with professional drivers that will make sure you arrive at your destination on time.

6. Convenient Location

We have a location in the heart of Stockholm, which means you can rent a vehicle for as long as you need and we’re still easy to find. You can choose from either our bus rental or mini-bus rental in downtown Stockholm. Our location is near the metro station that connects to the train, so even if you don’t want to rent a large bus or mini-bus, it’s still easy to find us and take the metro directly to your destination.


We are the largest bus rental company in Stockholm, and we’re able to offer you professional drivers with high-quality vehicles and vehicles in good condition. Our fleet offers a variety of options so that you’re not just limited to one vehicle. There’s no need to stay on the bus or mini-bus for hours if you have a reservation because our drivers know how to get you where you want to go efficiently. We also offer professional drivers, who know the city well and get your group there safely and on time.

Our Buses


Mercedes V class / Vito - up to 7 pax.

If you need a minivan for your events, or you have a small group we can offer you a modern Mercedes V class/ Vito with driver.                                                                       


Mercedes Sprinter - up to 19 pax.

If you have a slightly bigger special event in mind, then a minibus Mercedes Sprinter is the ideal choice, since it can welcome 8-19 passengers on board.     


Setra - up to 50 pax.

For any large scale events we strongly recommend you to rent a bus, our comfortable Mercedes Tourismo, which can carry from 20 to 55 passengers.