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Are you looking for an easy way to get from point A to point B? Whether you are in Dublin and need to get around the city, or you are visiting Dublin and looking for a way to meet up with friends in a central location, bus hire with driver in Dublin is the perfect solution for you. Bus rental in Dublin is now available for you to rent for a day or even longer if you need to. The buses are climate controlled, so riding can be comfortable and enjoyable when it’s warm out, but also easy and comfortable when it is cold out too! If you don’t know how to drive a bus, don’t worry because by booking with us, all of your drivers are fully certified and insured as well.

Benefits of Bus Rental in Dublin

There are many benefits to hiring a bus for your trip. Here are some of the benefits:


Hiring a bus rental in Dublin is economical. When you rent a bus, you get to enjoy the perks of your own personal driver. You’ll also be able to make your trip more fun because you won’t have to worry about finding your way around. If you don’t speak English, you will be provided with a translator and if you don’t speak Irish, you’ll have a guide who will be able to make sure that your trip is comfortable and hassle-free. Compared to using public transportation, hiring a bus is much more economical.


Renting a bus with driver provides you with the privacy that you need while on your trip. If you are short on time or have somewhere to be, a bus can get you there faster than public transportation and with more comfort. If you have kids traveling with you or if there is luggage in tow, the bus can offer optimal comfort for everyone in your party. Even if you are traveling with others, the bus rental in Dublin will allow for quiet conversations without other people being able to hear what’s going on. You can also play your own music on the stereo to make your trip more enjoyable.


A bus rental will provide you with optimal comfort during your trip. If you are traveling with kids or with a group of people, a bus is a perfect option for everyone. You’ll be able to sit comfortably and talk quietly when you want to, and if you want privacy, it can be provided for you as well. If you get motion sickness or don’t enjoy long car trips, bus rental will allow for short and safe travel times through Dublin and its surrounding areas. Whether you are traveling for business or for pleasure, bus rental is the most ideal way to get where you need to go quickly and in comfort. Imagine being able to travel to Dublin or around Dublin and even out of town at ease while sitting in a bus that is climate controlled.


Bus rental in Dublin is safe for everyone. Bus drivers are trained and certified to make sure that your travel is safe for you and for other people on the road. They’ll also be able to drive through traffic to get you where you need to go as quickly as possible. Unlike driving a car, driving a bus already requires special training. Driving a bus through heavy or even light traffic can be dangerous if you aren’t properly trained in how to do so. With our bus hire with driver in Dublin, all of the drivers are fully trained and certified to make sure that your travels are not only easy but also safe and hassle-free.

What Buses are Available for Rent in Dublin?

There are many types of buses for you to rent for your trip. Each bus is great for a different purpose. Here’s a breakdown of the different types of buses:

Vans- Mercedes V class / Vito – up to 7 pax

If you have a small group or you are traveling with only family members or a couple of friends, a van is the most ideal way to get where you need to go. The Mercedes V class van is very comfortable, spacious, and easy to drive. This type of bus is best if you are traveling individually or with not too many people.

Minibuses – Mercedes Sprinter – up to 19 pax

This type of bus is a step up from the van if you have more people with you on your trip. A minibus can provide optimal space for everyone and it can be even more comfortable than a van. If you are traveling in a group of 8-19 people, this is a great type of bus to rent for your trip.

Buses – Setra – up to 50 pax

This type of bus is great for groups of 20 people or more. This bus can seat up to 50 people and provide passengers with the comfort that they need when traveling. It can also accommodate wheelchair users as well. If you’re planning a large group trip, such as a Christmas party, birthday party, or wedding, this is the type of bus to rent for your trip!

For What Purposes Can Bus Rental in Dublin Be Used?

Bus rental in Dublin can be used for many different purposes. You can rent a bus for your business trip or for an excursion, for example. Perhaps you are planning a wedding with the family. You can rent a bus rental in Dublin to transport everyone from Dublin to your destination, or to get you from one location to another such as the hotel where you are staying. If each person is renting their own automobile, then renting a bus can be very necessary in order to get everyone where they need to go.

Cost of Hiring a Bus in Dublin

The cost of hiring a bus will depend on the type of bus that you are renting. The prices vary based on the age and condition of the bus. For example, if you are renting a luxury bus, it will cost you more than if you were to rent an economy shuttle. A luxury bus is one that has more amenities and features than an economy shuttle and it is also more comfortable than an economy shuttle as well. An economy shuttle may have a driver, but it is not very spacious so the passengers won’t be able to stretch their legs or have much room to sit comfortably. Also, depending on your destination and how many hours you need the bus for, the cost of renting a bus will also differ.

Bus hire in Dublin has become more convenient over the years. If you’re in a hurry and want to get from one place to another with ease, a bus rental is the best way to go. Whether you are traveling for business, pleasure, or for an excursion, bus travel is one of the safest modes of travel that you can use and it will allow you to make it from point A to point B quickly with maximum comfort and minimal hassle.

Our Buses


Mercedes V class / Vito - up to 7 pax.

If you need a minivan for your events, or you have a small group we can offer you a modern Mercedes V class/ Vito with driver.                                                                       


Mercedes Sprinter - up to 19 pax.

If you have a slightly bigger special event in mind, then a minibus Mercedes Sprinter is the ideal choice, since it can welcome 8-19 passengers on board.     


Setra - up to 50 pax.

For any large scale events we strongly recommend you to rent a bus, our comfortable Mercedes Tourismo, which can carry from 20 to 55 passengers.